Dr. Carleton S. Gholz is an activist in cultural preservation, as well as a writer, curator, producer, and DJ. Born in Port Huron, Michigan and raised in the suburbs of Detroit, Dr. Gholz’s first post-college job was as a high school social studies teacher in Detroit. After completing his PhD in Communication from the University of Pittsburgh he taught at Northeastern University in Boston before returning to Detroit to become the Executive Director of Detroit Sound Conservancy. As a writer, he has published academically in sound and popular music studies and has been a professional freelance journalist for twenty years. He has curated exhibits, consulted on films, and recently begun consulting and producing podcasts. He is currently writing a book on the history of United Sound Systems Recording Studios in Detroit, tentatively titled Making the Modern Sound: Industry, Music, and Cultural Politics 1896-2004.

You can email him at here.

Photo by Nephilim Arts Studios

Updated Spring 2019